Securely Access CIFS / SMB / NFS / Windows Filers From Anywhere

Web Based CIFS SMB Access



  • Enable Web Scale Remote Working

    Enable a secure, audited, remote working web scale experience for remote users. No more slow costly VPN's required.

  • Vendor Neutral

    Works with CIFS / NFS / NAS / SAN / / Windows Filers and DFS to extend the reach of native file solutions but also extends to other storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Azure and more for an integrated single user experience.

  • Integrates with existing AD / LDAP

    For authentication and authorisation the File Fabric can work with an in-place existing Identity Access Management solution such as LDAP or Active Directory.

  • Audit all File Events

    Provides per user file event auditing to satisfy GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, FERPA compliance requirements.

  • Provides Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps

    Provides a variety of ways for end users to access their native file data including web, mobile and desktop Apps that include a familiar drive accessible through Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

  • Ultra Secure File Sharing

    Files can be shared using a combination of password, download limits, and time expired links. These can also be set as a policy for all users and all actions and access is audited.

  • Non Proprietary - no lock in

    Unlike some products the File Fabric has no lock-in. Users can access the storage direct without going through the File Fabric and their changes will be seen next time they log in using the File Fabric.

  • Collaboration Features

    The File Fabric promotes collaboration between internal teams and external partners using shared folders and Business Group Workspaces.

  • Deployment Model

    A virtual software solution that is deployed using a Hypervisor (VMWARE, KVM, YPer-V etc) on-premises, in a company Data Centre or on an IaaS hosting provider.

  • High Speed File Transfer

    M-Stream the File Fabric's acceleration feature enables high speed transfers to/from CIFS


  • Sensitive Data

    Many companies still choose to store sensitive data on Windows Filers off-cloud but need secure access on the move or whilst working out of the office.

  • Scale Out NAS / SAN

    Many companies simply want to leverage their existing investment in NAS and SAN but scale it for access from Web and mobile channels. The File Fabric is a perfect enabled for this.

  • Remote Branch office

    Many remote branch office's use local windows filers over high latency links. Being able to access such files is a challenge but can be made possible using the File Fabric and its Sitelink feature.

  • Still the most prevalent form of Company data access

    Despite the growth of cloud many companies still use and have huge investments in more traditional on-premises storage.


The following Apps are included with the File Fabric solution for out of the office access to CIFS / SMB Data.

  • Web

    Web Access to data stored locally on-site through a fully featured File Manager in a standard web browser.

  • Drives

    Our native drives allow desktop users to work with data remotely as if it was a local disk using a familiar network 'home drive' feature they are used to.

  • Explorers

    A simple and intuitive interface provides An App view of CIFS / SMB Data and makes it easy to work with data on the move.

  • Mobile Applications

    Android and iOS apps for smart phones and tablets allow users to browse, interact with and synchronize files with CIFS / SMB Data whilst on the move.

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