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Easy Access to Amazon S3 Storage

The S3 Explorer desktop application allows users to interact with object storage through a familiar file explorer like interface. From the menu, or using drag and drop, users can easily upload, download and delete files and folders. Copying, moving and renaming objects and folders is also supported. Objects can be quickly located through search, and sensitive data automatically encrypted on upload.


  • Drag and Drop

    Drag and drop files and folders between local and S3 storage. Use object storage for offsite backup, data migration or to free up space.

  • Encryption

    Use a secret client key to automatically encrypt on upload and download.

  • Performance

    The explorer is optimized for large files and deep folder hierarchies. Uploads and downloads are streamed.

  • Simple Installation

    Just provide the storage endpoint and credentials and the explorer is ready to use.

Key Features

  • The S3 Explorer enables users to interact with object storage through a familiar interface.

  • Moving and renaming of files and folders is supported making it easy to reorganize storage. User actions are mapped to underlying operations that S3 supports.

  • Create and delete buckets from within the explorer. They appear as top-level folders.

  • Quickly locate objects through an integrated search.

  • Use for shared file repositories, offsite backup, data migration or to free up space from local disk.

  • Fully brandable for white label, OEM or corporate use. Contact us for more information.


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