Send Large files from any private or public cloud service

SME Cloud Computing for Service Providers and OEM customers

Large File Sharing features:

  • Send Large files without limits

    Send large files from almost any cloud service. Over 50 cloud connectors and growing.

  • Send files securely

    Files can be password protected or encrypted with military grade encryption.

  • Track files

    Files are audited and Audit reports can be used to provide e-discovery on files shared including local IP address of the shared and remote IP address of the recipient.

  • Implement Sharing Policies

    Force the user of time expiry and passwords.

  • Monitor file sharing

    Monitor file sharing using the Audit Watch capability. Be informed in real-time.

  • Choose deployment model

    Use the SME SaaS service, deploy on IaaS infrastructure or deploy the entire solution on-premise.

  • Extend file sizes for your default store

    The SME solution can extend the size of files shared over and above what is supported on the native cloud or data store.

  • Eliminate Shadow IT and Bring your Own Cloud (BYOC)

    Enable file sharing and collaboration without employees using risky consumer-grade services

  • Phone Apps

    Easy to use phone apps for iOS and Android to facilitate on the move file sharing.

  • Find out more

    To find out more contact a sales representative.

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