The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™ for RSTOR / Packet Fabric

Why Nasuni Access Anywhere Server and RSTOR Packet Fabric?

RSTOR Space provides a single, integrated cloud storage platform that eliminates variable costs, vendor lock-in, and regionality, while offering the flexibility of using multiple cloud service providers.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform extends RSTOR Space to end user workflows — for filebased workflows and applications. Through desktop, mobile and web apps users can now search, preview, edit and share files and objects stored securely in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Cloud Drive
    • Easy access for users as a network drive.
    • Local cache for folder metadata and active files.
    • Users can also manage locks, share files and search from the drive.
  • Content Search / Discovery
    • Find files quickly by name, metadata, content, or tags.
    • Search from web, mobile and desktop apps.
    • Results based on access levels (e.g. AD groups).
    • Real-time automated discovery of PHI / PII files
  • Cloud Edit
    • Double-click files in the web app.
    • Downloads and opens in desktop app.
    • Files locked or opened as read-only.
    • Save uploads back to remote storage.
  • Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps
    • Real-time view of RSTOR object storage.
    • Rename, move, copy, upload, download files and folders.
    • Offline sync.
  • Microsoft Integration
    • Teams: search, browse, edit, deep links.
    • Office Online: edit docs from web app; locking and concurrent editing supported.
    • Outlook and Office plugins for easy uploading and sharing within apps.
    • Integrates with Azure AD
  • File & Folder Sharing
    • Share files and folders.
    • Drop folders to receive files.
    • Set expiration, download limits, passwords.
    • Driven by organizational policies.
    • Audit sharing and download actions.
    • Authenticate external users.
  • File Acceleration
    • Accelerate large files to/from user desktops up to 10x using M-Stream.
    • Improve remote working experience.
    • Drag /Drop between organizational data silos at rapid transfer speeds
  • Security
    • Integrates with company IAM – AD, LDAP, SAML
    • Enhanced Authentication
      • Two Factor Challenge
    • Compliance / Governance
      • Detailed Audit Event Log
    • Data Security
      • FIPS Encryption
      • Ransomware Protection