Real-Time Ransomware Protection for Company data stored on-premises or in the Cloud

Real-Time Ransomware Protection

Companies that are embracing a digital transformation need to build stronger defences against cyber-attacks and how to recover if their systems are breached.

Ransomware attacks have grown and Storage Made Easy can help to protect businesses from cyber-attacks and data loss with the Enterprise File Fabric™.

The Enterprise File Fabric provides a comprehensive control and management solution that helps protect protect and secure a customers’ digital data across all company storage points, whether that is on-premises Windows Filers, NAS /SAN or Sharepoint storage, or on-cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Office 365, G Suite, or any of the 60+ storage systems that the File Fabric supports.

The Enterprise File Fabric has a built-in Ransomware Protection feature which supports real time archiving of existing, new and modified files, ensuring that if a file is lost, or worse, locked the original copy can be easily retrieved by nominated end users using the File Fabric's unique ForeverFile™ feature.

With the File Fabric companies can now secure ALL digital data by allowing administrators and end-users to facilitate instant on-demand recovery from Ransomware attacks.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Multi-Cloud Ransomware Data Protection

    Insulate data from Ransomware attacks by transparently retaining an active duplicate with a different storage solution, or using a different region from an existing storage vendor.

  • File History

    Keep track of the complete history of all documents. The historical file history is logged in real-time to secondary storage or to the cloud.

  • On-Demand Recovery

    With many companies that suffer a Ransomware attack having backups but still choosing to pay the Ransomware fee to facilitate quicker recovery the File Fabric facilitates ultra quick recovery by enabling end users to restore files - no need to send a request to IT or recover backup archives.

  • Business Continuity Built-in

    In the event of compromised storage that is completely unavailable the File Fabric will switch to the backup storage to enable files to continue to be accessed. Any shared links or folders that have been shared with customers or partners will continue to work.

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