Ransomware Protection for On-Premises and On-Cloud Data

Ransomware Protection

Companies that are embracing a digital transformation need to build stronger defences against cyber-attacks and how to recover if their systems are breached.

Ransomware attacks have grown and Storage Made Easy can help to protect businesses from cyber-attacks and data loss with the Enterprise File Fabric™.

The Enterprise File Fabric provides a comprehensive control and management solution that addresses ransomware attacks and protect and secure customers’ digital data across all company data points, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Office 365, G Suite or any of the 60+ storage and data clouds supported.

The Enterprise File Fabric has ransomware protection built-in with real time archiving of new and modified files, ensuring that if a file is lost, or worse, locked the original copy can be easily retrieved. Companies can now secure all digital data by allowing instant recovery from cyber-attacks and also from files on-demand that may have been accidentally deleted or altered by end users.

Key Solution Benefits

  • High Availability

    Insulate critical data access from provider and network failures by retaining an active duplicate with a different vendor.

  • File History

    Keep track of the version history of critical documents. The historical file history is logged in real-time to secondary storage or the cloud.

  • Quick Recovery

    End users can restore files themselves from the file history - no need to send a request to IT or recover backup archives.

  • Ransomware Protection

    A comprehensive audit trail to identify when, who and what was compromised.

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