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The Enterprise File Fabric is available as a software service, a hosted IaaS, or as a private on-premises solution.
About the Enterprise File Fabric™ Solution
The File Fabric provides a multi-cloud 'single pane of glass' access to data stored on-cloud and/or on-premises. File metadata is indexed enabling lightning quick content searches and, for certified storage solutions, data is accelerated using the File Fabric's M-Stream feature.

The File Fabric also provides FIPS certified encryption of data and strong data governance policies to aid with data compliance.

The File Fabric is available as a SaaS on-demand solution, as a dedicated hosted service on Linode, AWS or Azure, and as on-premises enterprise solution.
  • Supports 60+ Public, Private, SaaS, File Connectors
  • New Single User Business SaaS Plan
    (replaces personal plan)
  • Multi-Cloud File Manager for unified data view
  • Provides Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Accelerated File Transfer using M-Stream feature
  • FIPS certified encryption of files
  • Secure file sharing inc. time expiry, download limits and passwords
  • Strong Team and Collaboration features
  • Seamless search across all private / public data
  • Enterprise proven

Compare Main Plan Features

** If you required the full list of features for the enterprise on-premises File Fabric solution please download the features White Paper.
Account Hosted SaaS Business Enterprise On-Premises
Storage 20GB (per user)
Bring Your Own
Bring Your Own
Bandwidth unlimited* n/a (on-premises)
Storage Endpoints Supported Cloud Based Storage Cloud Based Storage
On-Premises Based Storage
Users No Restriction No Restriction
Custom Branding limited
Deployable on-premises
Apache SOLR / Lucene search integration
GEO NameSpace Clustering
Data Automation Rules
File Tiering
Access Tools
Web Access
Cloud Drives + Sync
Outlook & Mac Mail Integration
Mobile Tools
FTP / SFTP / WebDav
Integration and Workflow Features
Office Software Integration
CloudFTP (FTP to any Cloud)
CloudDav (WebDav to any Cloud)
S3 compatible API to any Cloud
Widget Framework
File Versioning & Locking
Event Notifications
Approval Workflow
M-Stream™ File Transfer Acceleration Limited to S3 & OpenStack
Sharing and Collaboration
Team Folders
Workspace Collaboration
Secure File Sharing via links
Email Sharing
Public Files Webpage
PDF Annotations
Security / Governance / GDPR
Audit, e-compliance & Governance
ForeverFile™ Archive & Ransomware Protection
Content Discovery
GDPR Compliance Health Check
Team Admin and Control
Active Directory / LDAP / SAML Integration Active Directory only
Admin for Users, Roles & Feature Access
Folder Level Access Controls
Community Forum
Email Support
Skype Support
Phone Support
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Do you have discounts for Academic Use?
I am afraid that we no longer offer discounts for Academic use for our personal solution but we do have special pricing for our Enterprise Solution for Colleges and Universities
Do you do offer other discounts?
Yes, we can offer discounts based on volume. Please contact sales if this is something of interest to you.
Can we OEM and resell your service?
Yes, many features of our platform (custom branding, hosted or onsite appliance, secure multi-tenant service) make SME perfect for OEMs. For more information, see our white label information.
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The SME Business Plan includes 20GB of storage per user. The total storage per user can be shared across the pool.

One-time payment plans provide 20GB of storage per user. For more on lifetime plans please see here.

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