Storage Made Easy releases a new version of its Enterprise File Fabric.

The new update of the Enterprise File Fabric solution adds new storage connectors and strengthens remote and hybrid working features whilst continuing to provide a focus on multi-cloud governance, compliance and cybersecurity.

London, October 14th 2021 – Storage Made Easy have released a new version of its secure multi-cloud data management solution the Enterprise File Fabric.

Highlights of the new 2106 version include:

Product Feature Updates:

  • SMBStream™ Office to office file acceleration: Part of the M-Stream® family of features, this new product feature enables a File Fabric instance to securely connect to SMB shares without being co-located on the same network, enabling cross site and region connectivity with the Enterprise File Fabric. SMBStream™ is 10x faster than a typical VPN and is tolerant to high latency and dropped packets. SMBStream™ is filer agnostic and compatible with on-premises NAS or Windows File shares, or Cloud-based SMB shares such as Nasuni, Amazon FSx or Azure Files.
  • Updated Microsoft Teams App: The File Fabric's enhanced Microsoft Teams integration delivers secured, controlled access to existing file shares and other storage services, such as Amazon S3 / FSx, Azure Blob etc whilst being directly embedded within Microsoft Teams. Advanced integration points facilitate secure file sharing and collaboration workflows for existing corporate data , directly from within MS Teams.
  • New AutoCAD Previewer: This new previewer enables the Web File Manager to preview AutoCAD files stored on remote file storage and object storage (any of the 60+ storage endpoints the File Fabric supports) with the DWG and DXF extension.
  • Data Automation Rule Enhancements: The File Fabric's Data Automation Rules have been extended in several ways including allowing automatic transcoding of uploaded or discovered files, and invocation of user-supplied webhooks when qualifying content is detected.

Cybersecurity Enhancements:

  • Secure Link Sharing Update: This new update contains many enhancements to the File Fabric's secure file and folder link sharing capabilities. This includes: named (external) user link sharing, two-step link sharing verifications, increased policy controls, and more.
  • The File Fabric’s SMB Connector can now use SAML for delegated authentication. This can be a corporate SAML implementation or a third party implementation such as OKTA or OneLogin. The integration enables SAML single-sign-on authentication to SMB shared resources for end users, which can often be a pre-requisite for cyber insurance policies.

Performance Improvements:

  • The tightly integrated content search engine has been upgraded to Solr 8. This facilitates full content search of any of the 60+ on-premises and on-cloud storage solutions that the File Fabric supports.
  • Audit event Log updates:
    • Improved schema changes
    • Millisecond responses enables Time Series audit data integration
    • Audit Event Stream improvements
    • Reporting improvements
  • M-Stream® Fast File Transfer WAN Acceleration:
    • Cross bucket transfer acceleration improvements
    • Improved browser uploading of large files sets


  • Enhancements to all connectors: File Fabric administrators can now choose the location of versioned files, and storage level locking can be controlled per provider.
  • RStor, SoftNAS, Qumulo, Pixit Storage, Seagate Lyve, NetApp Object Storage, NetApp Global File Cache and Lucidlink have been added as certified storage connectors.

James Norman, Engineering Manager at SME said: “This landmark release delivers on the expanding requirements of many organisations as they look to support post-COVID working environments. The product’s increased focus on integration with collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, through to accelerating on-premises and off-premises access for internal and external users, emphasises the product’s relevance to the many companies embracing remote and hybrid office working cultures.”

You can see the full list of new and improved features here.

About Storage Made Easy (SME)

Storage Made Easy’s Enterprise File Fabric™ integrates file and object data into one single platform through a unified file system that works with on-premises and on-cloud data storage assets.

End users, whether local or remote, are able to access the unified file system using web scale protocols and clients that bridge desktop and cloud, but which provide familiar workflows to end users.

Cloud-like economics are provided across a company's entire storage portfolio, unlocking the benefits and cost-efficiency of its data assets whilst providing strict controls and governance for legislative compliance, such as GDPR and CCPA, and addressing security concerns such as ransomware attacks.

The platform’s unique File Transfer acceleration technology M-Stream®, speeds up the transfer of files from desktop to storage, storage to desktop or even public cloud to public cloud, enhancing user productivity and providing ROI on latency sensitive workflows.

The company is backed by Moore Strategic Ventures, LLC, the private investment vehicle of Louis M. Bacon, in addition to other private shareholders including London-based entrepreneurs who previously successfully exited their businesses to larger industry peers.

Storage Made Easy is the trading name of Vehera LTD.

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