The Enterprise File Fabric™ for Nasuni®


"The File Fabric from Storage Made Easy enabled us to have web scale remote access to our Nasuni SMB file shares, inclusive of Microsoft Teams support. This enabled us to retire a secondary remote access file sharing solution we were using from Egnyte”.

- Todd Dughman Director of Information Technology at TNP.

Key Features

  • Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps
    • Real-time view of Nasuni cloud file system.
    • Rename, move, copy, upload, download files and folders
    • Offline sync.
  • Cloud Drive
    • Works as a network drive, but designed for higher latency, slower networks
    • Local cache for folder metadata and active files.
    • Users can also manage locks, share files and search from the drive.
  • Content Search / Discovery
    • Find files quickly by name, metadata, content, or tags.
    • Search from web, mobile and desktop apps.
    • Results based on access levels (e.g. AD groups).
    • Real- time automated discovery of PHI / PII files
  • Cloud Edit
    • Double-click files in the web app.
    • Downloads and opens in desktop app.
    • Files locked or opened as read-only.
    • Save uploads back to remote storage.
  • Microsoft Teams App
    • Microsoft Teams app - search, browse, edit, deep links.
    • Microsoft Office Online - edit docs from web app; locking and concurrent editing supported.
    • Outlook and Office plugins for easy uploading and sharing within apps.
    • Integrates with Azure AD.
  • File & Folder Sharing
    • Share files and folders.
    • Drop folders to receive files.
    • Set expiration, download limits, passwords.
    • Driven by organizational policies.
    • Audit sharing and download actions.
    • Authenticate external users.
  • File Acceleration
    • Accelerate large files to/from user desktops up to 10x using MStream.
    • Improve remote working experience.
    • Drag /Drop between organizational data silos at rapid transfer speeds.
  • Locking
    • Propagated local of global locks with Nasuni.
    • Prevent users from editing the same file.
    • Automatic locks when files are being edited e.g. Cloud Edit, MS Office Online and Cloud Drive.
    • Users can also lock files themselves e.g. for offline changes.
  • Security
    • Authentication
      • Integrates with company IAM – AD, LDAP, SAML
    • Enhanced Authentication
      • Two Factor Challenge
    • Compliance / Governance
      • Detailed Audit Event Log
    • Data Security
      • FIPS Encryption
      • Ransomware Protection

More information

More information