Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™ for IBM Cloud Object Storage (IBM COS)

A single pane of glass for IBM COS

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server® Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a unique integration with IBM COS, for private, public and hybrid clouds, that enables ISP's and enterprises to rapidly leverage object storage.

Certified as “Ready for IBM Cloud”, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution can also be found on IBM PartnerWorld.

The webinar below provides an overview on how to build a joint Nasuni Access Anywhere Server that works directly with IBM Cloud Object Storage, allowing users to control and manage data with the most enriched cloud computing features.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server enables business to rapidly take advantage of IBM COS with support for a business ready Web File Manager, Cloud Drive integration into Mac, Windows, Linux Desktop's, and also instant access to files via Android and iOS mobile clients. 

To ensure interoperability with other hardware and software services and easy access to IBM Cloud Object Storage, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server adds standard API access to the IBM COS platform, such as WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP.

The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server offering also has built in support for archiving files to other Clouds so that users can have the security of knowing their data is highly available.

The solution is supplied as a software Appliance in VMware or OVF interoperable hypervisor format and can be downloaded from our trial page.

We can also provide the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server software on a Linode instance or other IaaS infrastructures if required.

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server has references available under NDA for large deployments that utilize IBM Cloud Object Storage. Please email us if this is of interest.

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server features added to IBM COS

  • Compliance

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server is an enforcement tools for compliance regimes such as GDPR and HIPPA, and provides fine grained policy controls and full file event auditing.

  • Content Discovery / Content Search

    Content Discover provides continuous real-time monitoring of PII data and can be adapted to monitor other types of information. Content Search indexes all IBM COS objects to provide a private search capability for corporate files.

  • File System

    We place a true file manager on top of IBM COS so users can work with data more intuitively - with a file manager interface they are used to.

  • File Names are not changed

    Unlike some other IBM Cloud Object Storage solutions, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server does not transcode or change file names. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution is completely open and does nothing proprietary with files stored on IBM COS.

  • Cloud Drives

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides Cloud Drives for Mac, Windows and Linux that mount IBM COS directly into the business desktop.

  • Cloud Sync

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides native Sync from IBM Cloud Object Storage to the business desktop for Mac, Windows and Linux.

  • Visual Access Control

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a comprehensive, role and user-based, file-system authorization management console for administrators to make it easy to work with IBM COS from a user access control perspective.

  • Active Directory / LDAP / SAML SSO Integration

    Full integration and single sign-on with Active Directory.

  • Ubiquitous API Access

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution adds an SFTP, FTP, and WebDAV interface to IBM Cloud Object Storage files.

  • M-Stream

    M-Stream provides accelerated upload and download of files into IBM COS. It does this by splitting files into multiple streams and it is tuned to work with the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server desktop clients.

  • File Versioning

    Versioning and file locking is built into the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server platform. If the same filename is uploaded to the same folder, the new file will be versioned and visible using our unique visual versioning UI feature.

  • File Event Auditing

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server solution supports granular file event auditing with associated IP Address. Reports are searchable and obtainable as excel reports or can be output as Syslog format for integration with tools such as Splunk.

  • Encryption

    IBM Cloud Object Storage files can be encrypted using public/private key AES 256-bit encryption in which only the Admin knows the key.

  • Advanced Secure File Sharing

    Securely share IBM COS files with time expiry and password protection.

  • GEO Location Recording

    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server can record the location when a file is uploaded and also the endpoint location of where it was stored. This can be important from a regulatory perspective.

  • Classification Tagging

    Helps users easily organize and find files.

  • Full File Content Search

    Searches can search within files stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage due to integration with Apache SOLR.

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