Open Cloud Platform: Complete features list

Platform features:

  • Works with over 35 storage clouds
  • Connect on-premise file systems using WebDav and FTP(S)
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Active Directory Support
  • Cloud File System aggregates storage clouds into a virtual Cloud File System view  
  • Encrypt data on remote clouds with public/private key
  • File Audit and Governance built in
  • Full Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support
  • Web File Explorer just like on your desktop. Drag, Copy. move files etc
  • Secure managed file sharing with link expiry and secure passwords
  • File sharing using generated URL
  • File sharing using Collaboration workspaces
  • File sharing using internal shared Folders (Cloud File Server only)
  • File event notifications on file events (updates, comments, new content in folders)
  • Integration with Zoho office for office file editing (web and windows tools)
  • Integration with Google Viewer for file viewing (web, mobile, windows)
  • Stream Mp3's directly in the web browser or desktop / mobile Apps
  • Public file sharing page with unique url. Can be combined with password protection
  • RSS feeds for public file streams
  • Easily Search across all mapped clouds
  • Backup / Archive email directly to a nominated Cloud
  • Contacts to Cloud integration with email, Social networks, and Outlook
  • User Management (Cloud File Server)
  • Take notes and sync to/from Mobile clients
  • Custom Branding (Cloud File Server or Appliance option only)
  • Whole service available as a private on-premise or IaaS hosted Appliance for companies or Service Providers
  • Take your data with you when you change Clouds using the unique Cloud Migration Assistants


  • File Comments with notifications
  • Business Collaboration WorkSpaces
  • Versioning Management
  • File locking
  • Public shared folders with user permission management
  • Visual versioning (web) and versioning management (Cloud File Server)

Secure features:

  • AES F256 bit ile encryption above any cloud
  • User permissions for file access (Cloud File Server only)
  • File Locking
  • File event auditing (Cloud File Server only)
  • HTTPS / SSL support
  • File GEO location upload/download monitoring
  • Cloud to Cloud backup (Personal Cloud and business editions only)

Operating System Tools:

  • Windows Dashboard, Cloud Drive & Sync Tooling
  • Windows 8 Tablet
  • Mac Cloud Drive, Spotlight integration and Sync Tooling
  • Linux Cloud Drive, Cloud Explorer, and Sync Tooling

Mobile Support:

  • iPhone/iPad/Ipod Touch
  • Android phones and Tablets
  • BlackBerry
  • Nokia N7
  • Windows Phone 7
  • HTML5 rich Mobile client for other Mobile devices

Ubiquitous access:

  • CloudDav - Access files from any mapped cloud using WebDav
  • CloudFTP- Access files from any mapped cloud using FTP(S)
  • Amazon S3 API - Access files from any mapped cloud using S3 API

Third Party integrations:

  • Firefox plug-in
  • Chrome Extension
  • Safari Extension
  • Facebook App
  • WordPress Plug-in's
  • Joomla Plug-In's
  • Zoho Office integration
  • Google File Viewer integration
  • Twitter integration for notifications / file sharing

  • Download an excel spreadsheet of all SME On-Premise features here.