Secure Encrypted File Sharing with the File Fabric

Secure file sharing for business

The File Fabric provides advanced secure file sharing features across all corporate data stores. These features include time expiry, password protection, restricted download access, and promoting named link sharing policy whereby users are required to outline why they created a share link. Data can be transparently encrypted using the built-in FIPS certified encryption.

File Sharing

  • Combine file sharing links from different Clouds

  • Send large files

  • Secure File Share direct from Outlook and Mac Mail

  • Secure File Share direct from desktop cloud drives

  • Secure File Share direct from all Mobile clients

  • Obtain a unique secure file URL

  • Share multiple files from a unique public web url

  • Create 'Collaboration Groups' to easily share content once with multiple people

  • Makes sharing files for Amazon S3 and other clouds ultra easy!

  • Sharing files over Slack using secure links with the File Fabric Slack integration


  • Encrypt files on remote clouds with a private key

  • Use permissions for multi-user file access (Cloud File Server only)

  • File Locking (check in / check out)

  • File event auditing (Cloud File Server only)

  • Combine public files with encryption (password required)

  • File GEO location upload/download monitoring

  • Secure file link expiry

  • Assign Passwords to file shares

  • Supports managed file share with link expiry and password protection

  • OAuth used where Cloud providers support it

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