The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server v OwnCloud™

** Note that Nasuni Access Anywhere Server is in no-way affiliated with OwnCloud™ and that this is an internal comparison of both products, at a point in time, and that you should conduct your own tests and speak to representatives of both companies to validate.
Nasuni Access Anywhere Server OwnCloud™
Deployable On-Premises icon icon
Multi-Tenant icon Limited
File Encryption icon
FIPS Certified
Third Party KeyServer (Hashicorp Vault)
Secure File Sharing icon icon
Storage Support icon
60+ on-site / on-cloud storage connectors
Single Pane of Glass multi-cloud file management icon icon
Active Directory / LDAP / SAML IAM icon icon
Mobile Device Management Options built-in icon icon
Ransomware Protection built-in icon icon
Full File Event Auditing icon
Syslog option for Splunk integration / available as an Audit Stream
Protocol Gateway (FTP / SFTP / WebDav) icon icon
WebDav only
File Transfer Acceleration icon
M-Stream File Transfer acceleration
Customization / Branding icon
Full Branding - Web, Desktop and Mobile Apps
PHI / PII / SPI Content Discovery icon icon
Mac, Win Linux Cloud Drives icon icon
WebDav Drives
Mac, Win, Linux Sync icon icon
Outlook / Mac Mail / GMail Integration icon Outlook Only (separate paid option)
Doc Editing
PDF Annotation
Zoho Office / Microsoft Office Editing integration (inc. collaborative editing)
Built in PDF Annotator / Built in Text editor
CloudEdit - open from web & edit on desktop
Support for LibreOffice
NAS / SAN / SMB / NFS Support icon
inc. permissions sync
Rest API icon icon
Built for Team Use icon icon
Home Screen Widgets icon icon
File Firewall Based on User Authentication,
GEO restrictions, BYOD options
Based on User Authentication, Network,
GEO and Time of Day
Mobile OS compatibility Android, iOS, Mobile Web iOS, Android
Calendar Support Google Calendar Home Page plugin icon
Open Source Code Escrow access icon
Pricing for supported commercial use Not free Not free

Key Solution Benefits

  • Promotes Secure Remote Working.

  • Best-of-breed App integrations including Microsoft Office / Office Online / Zoho Office / Outlook / Mac Mail + more.

  • Can be setup for secure FIPS encryption of ALL data, wherever stored.

  • Integrates into existing Company Identity Access Management solutions – LDAP, SAML, Active Directory.

  • No need to forgo Data Governance / Compliance due to home working – facilitates GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA.

  • PII discovery module protects against sensitive data getting out in the wild.

  • Multi Channel - Web, Desktop drives and Mobile Apps.

  • No need to rip and replace - works with what a Company already has

  • Accelerates transfer performance by a factor of 10X with M-Stream®'s multi-threaded uploads/downloads/ transfers.

  • A single namespace across locations eliminates management workload and complexity through a unified view of data.

  • Private drop box type experience provides remote working convenience while ensuring security and corporate governance.

  • Optimized for a number of vertical markets – Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, Service Providers, Media and Entertainment.

Key Features

  • Collaboration

    Team collaboration with shared folders, virtual workspaces and file commenting.

  • Policy-based governance

    Set specific measurable and auditable governance options.

  • Real Time Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts of any file activity using the Audit Watch feature.

  • Geo-location recording

    Captures timing as well as source and endpoint locations of file transfer.

  • Accelerated file transfer performance

    M-Stream® multi-threaded, parallel data stream, accelerates large file downloads, uploads, and tiering. Read more about M-Stream® here.

  • Secure File Sharing

    Establish passwords and permissions to access files, determine if/when a file link expires, and the number of times a file can be accessed.

  • File archive

    End users can easily restore versions or backups on demand using the ForeverFile feature.

  • File locking, versioning, and comments

    Prevents inadvertent end-user data loss and provides enhanced collaboration.

More information

More white papers and downloadable collateral can be found here