Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™ Media and Entertainment Edition

Read how the media group at UK Premier League Football Club Arsenal F.C. has adopted the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server to help with their media data management.

Accelerate Files, Single Pane of Glass Asset Management, FIPS Encrypted Transfers, MetaData Extraction

Media companies are creating large amounts of new digital data spread across a wide range of platforms from on-premises NAS, to object storage, private and public clouds and SaaS applications, which needs to be moved at high speed between global production teams and distribution channels. Additionally, protecting data in this collaborative environment is critical, as is frictionless sharing across players – seemingly conflicting goals.
The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server™ for Media provides a secure solution for the media and entertainment industry to address these unique challenges. It allows companies to securely collaborate with large files, wherever they are stored, parallelizing uploads and downloads resulting in a 10x+ speed increase. Users get streamlined access to data with the fewest possible impediments, while at the same time enforcing effective controls to block unauthorized users of sensitive data.

Nasuni Access Anywhere Server For Media Benefits


    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server provides a single common interface across data stores from which to view, manage and define collaboration and security controls.

    The interface shows to end users all data they are authorized to access, regardless of the underlying platform.


    The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server indexes media assets and extracts metadata making it easier to classify, search and find data. AI integrations are provided into best of breed video indexing technology such as Google Vision.


    A 4K movie is over 150GB. Moving files that large can take days. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server includes M-STREAM to parallel stream these large files from the source to the destination location reducing copy times by 10X and more.

    M-STREAM maximizes the use of network bandwidth to move files quickly and securely.


    Unlike many collaboration systems, the Nasuni Access Anywhere Server does not obfuscate file names and data. Data is managed and secured in-place. Customers are able to read and write files using Nasuni Access Anywhere Server applications and system applications while still accessing data stores directly.

Use Cases

  • High-speed cross-country or cross-continent transfers

    M-Stream parallelizes large files, speeding up downloads and folder-to-folder copy, providing speeds of up to 10Gb/s.

  • Production, Post Production and Special Effects

    Studios constantly share data with post production companies for the development of new content.

  • Media Production Services

    Exchange content with partners and clients.

  • Business Development and Conceptual Product Development

    Producers, writers, directors and others collaborate ideas, scripts and more during the development process.

  • Remote Review and Approval

    Use the built-in approval processes to review, comment and approve or deny proposed changes to projects.

  • Tier Data

    Quickly move data from high-cost to low-cost storage platforms. The Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Is capable of working across an on-site environment and a cloud service where there may be different object storage systems, for example a NetApp running StorNext file system and the Amazon S3 cloud object storage service.


  • Single namespace for media assets
  • Real time document collaboration
  • Common secure file sharing policies
  • Native editing on cloud
  • File approval workflows
  • Single pane of glass control for distributed media assets
  • End-to-end data governance policies
  • Encryption at rest and in flight
  • Fine grain authorization
  • Sensitive data discovery and protection

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