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Accelerated VPN-Less collaboration
with file and object storage
for hybrid / remote workers

Works with everything from
S3, Azure, Object + more

Secure multi-cloud collaboration
for existing company data
inc. SMB / NAS / SAN / S3 / Azure

Improve remote working experience
with built-in, transparent,
file transfer acceleration

Accelerate file transfers
using Azure or S3 storage
Cloud-to-desktop, desktop-to-cloud
or even rack-to-rack

Extends Data Compliance & CyberSecurity
to remote workers with built in
Auditing & PHI/PII scanning

Built-in Ransomware protection features
for on-premises / on-cloud Files

Secure remote bi-modal SMB file access
Fast, web scale, full Audit - no VPN

Microsoft Teams App integration
for frictionless use of File/Object Data
Within Teams


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Specific Cloud Solutions: Cloudian, Minio, Amazon S3, RackSpace, Azure, Ceph, Google Storage, Dell EMC ECS, Nasuni, LucidLink, IBM COS, Scality, Wasabi, Backblaze
On-Premises SAN/NAS/SMB/DFS, Azure Files, Amazon FSx and  other clouds

The File Fabric is also available on UK G-Cloud 10 and the Google Marketplace
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Just some of the File Fabric's features

Enterprise File Fabric Features

Global File System

  • Unified experience for file and object
  • File / Object locking
  • Built in file / object versioning
  • Web, desktop, mobile access
  • Single-Sign-On access (AD, LDAP, SAML)
  • View/manage/edit content
  • Built in web-preview of content
Global File System

File Transfer Acceleration

File Transfer Acceleration

  • M-Stream® file / object transfer acceleration
  • Up to 10X speed increase
  • Also enables VPN-Less accelerated access to SMB shares
  • Works with uploads and downloads
  • Desktop to Storage / Storage to Desktop
  • Storage to Storage or even Rack to Rack
  • Speeds up files to / from remote users
File Transfer Acceleration

Permissions Based Access

  • Single-Sign-On using Corporate Identity Management Systems
  • Integrates with Active Directory / LDAP / SAML
  • Adds two-factor authentication to SMB shares and Object Storage
  • Adds NTFS like permissions to Object Storage
  • Uses existing SMB permission sets
  • Supports file locking and versioning
  • Unify permissions policies across all content
Permissions Based Access

Deep Content Search

Data Discovery & Search

  • Across on-premises/on-cloud data
  • Results based on AD/LDAP/SAML permissions
  • Supports taxonomy classifications of data
  • Web, desktop and mobile
  • Supports PII / SPI / PHI data discovery
  • It's like a search engine for your data!
  • Watch the PII data discovery video
Deep Content Search

Protect and Secure Data

  • Enforce GDPR / CCPA / HIPPA policies
  • Setup DLP policies
  • Securely Encrypt data (FIPS accredited)
  • Ransomware protection and recovery
  • Audit all file events
  • Securely share data
Govern All Data



  • Easily collaborate with internal / external teams
  • Integrations Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Securely Share file or object links
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office Online
  • Shared Team Folders
  • External Folder sharing for sending/receiving content
Control your data

A securer productive hybrid working experience

Improve data access

  • Object Storage:
    S3 compatible, Azure etc.
  • Private storage:
    NAS, SAN, CIFS, MS DFS etc.
  • Public storage:
    Google Drive, Box, Office 365, etc.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Office Online + more
Supports over 60 storage connectors.

For users

  • Collaborate
  • Accelerate
  • Content Search
  • Securely share
  • Encrypt
  • Protect
  • At home or in the workplace

For business/IT

  • Improve remote and hybrid working experience
  • Transparent data compliance
  • Manage employee sprawl / shadow IT
  • Audit and track all file events
  • Set strict file sharing policies
  • Improve employee productivity
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